What Emily says about herself

‘I write books. I love writing about life, faith, the bible, anything that grabs me.’

‘I use crutches when walking outside. I once dropped one as I was boarding a train. It fell down the little gap between the train and the platform and landed on the track. Under the train. This is not an un-typical scenario for me.’

‘My favourite colour is purple.’

‘I have a condition called Neurofibromatosis Type 2. Feel free not to try and pronounce it. I write about it in my memoir.’

‘Speaking to groups? I love it, because I love people. Big groups, little groups, one-to one. Christian, secular, faith, disability, communication, my personal story, deaf awareness…anything you like really.  Though probably not astrophysics.

‘I never know what to say about me because, well, I’m pretty boring really. Especially in comparison with the ‘I sky dived’ people or the ‘I swam with sharks’ people. Umm, I once knew someone who once ran a marathon once?’

‘I like chocolate. A lot. Give me a bar of Dairy Milk and, put it this way, it won’t be around for long.’

‘I’m a Christian. No idea how I’d get through life without God. Glad I don’t need to know.