About Emily


I read a quote recently;

‘“I thought it would be nice to go around the group and introduce ourselves.”
You thought wrong.’

I never know what to say about me because, well, I’m pretty boring really. Especially in comparison with the ‘I sky dived’ people or the ‘I swam with sharks’ people. Umm, I once knew someone who once ran a marathon once?

But this is an ‘About Me’ page so, for better or worse, about me it shall be:

I used to be able to hear, now I can’t.
If you want to know more about that, click here
(My deafness is not the most important thing about me but I have found that trying to ‘drop it casually in’ actually makes it stand out more than just saying it first and getting it out of the way.)

I like chocolate.
A lot. Give me a bar of Dairy Milk and, put it this way, it won’t be around for long.

I’m a Christian.
No idea how I’d get through life without God. Glad I don’t need to know.

I write books
I love writing about life, faith, the bible, anything that grabs me.

My favourite colour is purple

Ok, I think I’ve reached the stage in the above mentioned group scenario when my mind goes blank but everyone is still looking at me expectantly. So I take a deep breath, wrack my brains for more facts, and carry on…

I believe in rainbows.
I don’t mean in a My Little Pony, fairies and unicorns way. I mean in a ‘let’s find something that is good, however dark and rainy life gets’ sort of way. Check out my #everydayrainbows.

My favourite flowers are tulips.

I have a condition called Neurofibromatosis Type 2.
Feel free not to try and pronounce it. I write about it in my memoir.

I don’t like badly stacked dishwashers.
Or washing hung haphazardly on a line.

I love it. Because I love people. Big groups, little groups, one-to one. Christian, secular, faith, disability, communication, my personal story, deaf awareness….anything you like really.
Though probably not astrophysics.

I speak sign language.
Not brilliantly, but I can get by. Ok, more than get by.

I use crutches when walking outside.
I once dropped one as I was boarding a train.
It fell down the little gap between the train and the platform and landed on the track. Under the train.
This is not an un-typical scenario for me.

Ok, I think I’ve reached the stage in the group scenario where everyone is looking pointedly at their watch.
And putting their coats on.

I’d better sign off before everyone but me switches off the lights and leaves the building.

Thank you for visiting my website, it’s lovely to have you here.

You’re welcome to stick around and browse as much as you like – I promise I won’t clock watch, put my coat on or switch the lights off ☺