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I See Thunder?

If you’ve ever wanted to see thunder, now’s your chance.

I, and many others with Neurofibromatosis, can no longer hear thunder, but I’d like to see it.  And, with your help, maybe I’ll be able to.

The Neuro Foundation, a charity which supports people with my medical condition, and of which I am a trustee, are organising a Thunderclap to mark World NF Awareness Day on May 17th. Please will you join it?

You can find more information here.

As I say, I’d love to see thunder.  The more people who join, the more thunder we’ll get to see.  And the more ‘Awareness Thunder’ we’ll spread.

All you have to do is link one or more of your social media accounts, and then, on May 17th, you’ll ‘see thunder’ on your Facebook/Twitter/etc.

Just to raise awareness that there is something called Neurofibromatosis!

There’s a song with lyrics: ‘I hear thunder, I hear thunder – Hark! Don’t you?’

What about making it; ‘I see thunder, I see thunder – Look! Don’t you?’

You can answer ‘yes, I see thunder!’ by clicking on the link above. It won’t take long to sign up.

If I see lots of thunder on May 17th, I’ll know it’s because people like you helped me see it.

Thank you so much.